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2101 ELO Rating

One of my goals in chess is to show players that they are playing chess in a way that doesn't fully appreciate chess.

Amateur chess games come down to the end with who has more material, but there are some really classy games played with flashy checkmates and queen sacrifices played by the greatest attackers of all time.

My goal has been to incorporate these amazing moves into my own game and I feel I have finally done so with bringing an Alpha Zero Google AI chess trick into a real game and winning in style.

My bishop move of Bf6 is one of the best moves I've ever played because I forced my opponent into a difficult decision and he chose wrong and I won. I used all my pieces the way chess is meant to be played. I think it's meant to be clever and beautiful, and not meant to be materialistic the way the average player plays. It gets a lot more interesting at top level because suddenly all the math goes away and it becomes more of an art.

I have worked for Educhess and Chess Wizards.

My rating of 2101 is on a scale from 100-3000. 2900 has never been reached by a person, but some machines are that strong.

2500 is required to become a Grandmaster. I guess that's my ultimate goal in chess.

My favorite players are Mikhail Tal and Bobby Fischer. Of the players who are alive I like Kasparov, Magnus, and Firouzja.

My favorite way to follow or learn chess is with the GothamChess YouTube Channel.

Here are some tutorials I made:


Carlsen-Niemann drama videos available on /videos the click on chess.