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Recruitment Theory



I have a very special post for you today. It is a wonderful new theory that explains an awful lot of this riddle we call life. I'm going to share how I got here before I can share the recruitment theory properly.

I used to think everything was normal here. Maybe some corruption here and there, but I generally believed what I was told about how the world works. Then around 2010, My friend I'll call Jokir invited me and my friends to his house to watch a documentary. It was Loose Change, and it made a case that 9/11 was an inside job.

Many debunkers have since discredited that documentary, but the damage was already done to my psyche. I had already opened my mind to the possiblity that maybe 9/11 did not happen in the way we were told. Even if the conclusions Dylan Avery (The filmmaker) was making were wrong, or the evidence he was using was later debunked, the theme of documentary resonated with me. Maybe America wasn't attacked by Bin Laden, maybe an event as important as this was thought out and part of some sort of plan, and Bin Laden was a cover story.

Over time, I became obsessed with figuring out exactly what happened.

5 years later, I concluded that there were no planes. The footage was faked, and the buildings were exploded and demolished by bombs.

That's a 30 second clip of a man saying, "No Plane, it was a bomb." There was a better clip I was looking for of someone saying the same thing but this clip is still enough to make you want to scratch your head. Why would someone definitively say there was no plane but a bomb? It's weird.

After discovering the no plane theory and the documentary "September Clues" which shows how the footage was faked, I was satisfied with my explanation. I didn't have the desire to research anymore. Researching all that death is a form of torture.

5 years after that, my friend Jokir recommends to me a youtube channel called "Quantum of Conscience". I immediately liked his perspective, and I started following him closely. He has an audiobook called, "A Reality Few Can See" that he started the channel with, and I am in the middle of reading it. He also came to the no planes conclusion and then moved on.

During one of the readings of the chapters, he recommends listening to someone's complement or rebuttal to one of his videos. He called it brilliant.

I listened to this rebuttal and this is that video:

*Spoiler Alert* If you haven't read 1984 or do not remember how it ends I have to warn you that he does spoil the book in this video. It's the best book or ending to a story I've ever read so it pains me to spoil it for you but it's so important I have to discuss it.

Basically this man suggests that the 9/11 event was done at the time the internet could handle it. He says that there is an iniation going on with different filters, and that no plane theory would be the final filter of 9/11. He says that when certain people are seperated from their peers as they peel back layers of the veil, these groups are then targeted. Not killed, but recruited, and if unsuccessfully recruited, then disabled by whatever means necessary.

My favorite story in the Bible is the story of Job, because it shows a different dynamic to the Devil and God then we usually think about. The story goes that Job loves God and has a good life. Satan challenges God and says, "He only loves you because his life is good. If you made his life terrible he would curse you." God accepts the challenge and starts making Job's life miserable with diseases, etc. Job loves God even though his circumstances change, and God basically wins the bet and rewards Job in Heaven. I'm paraphrasing but that's the jist of it. Job was patient with God and trusted him and was rewarded and the Devil was proven wrong.

If you think of yourself as Job, then you are put through the ringer with this 9/11 truth movement, and everyone thinking you're crazy. You have to research more and more, to be absolutely certain you're right, otherwise it's not worth the trouble. Eventually, you prove it to yourself enought to believe it and move on, but not before the torture is done.


Now in order to tie this all in together I have to spoil 1984. The main character Winston Smith knows something is wrong with society. He wants to fight against it, and he rebels by writing a journal where the telescreen can't see him. "Down with Big Brother" he writes. A treasonous thought. The thought police can take you away for writing that. He works at the Ministry of Truth, where he rewrites history and old newspapers with whatever fits today's politics. Something like that. I haven't read it in years, but it's making me think of the Mandela Effect a little bit. I can't believe I'm giving a synopsis of the greatest book of all time but here it goes. He hates a girl because she represents a loyal Party member. Then she passes him a note that says "I love you" and he realizes it's a facade. They have a secret affair in the attic of an old shop. He makes a friend name O'Brien who gives him a book and offers to have him join "The Resistance". The book, is written by William Goldstein and is like the bible of the resistance group that is trying to take down Big Brother.

Eventually, Winston and his lover, I think Julia, are found in the attic. The shopkeeper below, letting them use the attic for unlawful sex, was actually a member of the thought police. No love was allowed because love was reserved for the Party or something, I forget why exactly. But their love was forbidden and therefore extra special. When Winston is taken into custody, O'Brien is there to greet him. It turns out, and this is the grand twist, that O'Brien is not a member of the resistance. There is no resistance. The Book by Emmanuel Goldstein, was fake. O'Brien, who recruited Winston into the resistance, was with the thought police the whole time. O'Brien explains everything to Winston, and how they have total control of people's reality. 2+2=5 if they want it to be. The whole time I was reading the book I thought it would end with the resistance winning, like in a normal story. But in this story, Big Brother Wins. O'brien brings in Julia, and Rats in a cage. Winston is terrified of rats, and O'brien is threatening to put his head in a cage with hungry rats. Winston finally cries out, "Not me, not me! Do it to her!!" and I think they listen to him. Once his humanity and hope has been completely removed, they simply let Winston go. Then he is drinking gin and has no plans to bring down Big Brother or break the rules. By the end of the book, he loves Big Brother. Big Brother wins.

These truth movements, are like the torture Winston went through, and their goal is to eventually turn truthers into O'Briens to help run the Party system. Like the Devil in the story of Job, the nefarious actors here want the truther to curse God for the torture they are under, and join the dark side of the sith, basically, and to become an O'Brien. Instead of trying to show others the trick, just join the tricksters. Mark Twain said, "It is easier to fool a man than to convince a man he's been fooled." Such is the nature of reality here.

I myself had doors open up at both Google and Amazon. It is quite interesting to imagine if those doors were opened up for me with the understanding that maybe I would walk through them and join the tricksters down the line. I still have a Google recruiter named Brandon I could reach out to. It's obviously possible I'm just not qualified for the job. It wasn't like I didn't try to get it. But it is possible that I had to make a choice: To prepare for technical interviews, or to study what I wanted to study. I don't know what happened but I just think this recruitment theory is interesting because look at what the Green Goblin does to Spiderman. He doesn't try to kill spiderman, he tries to recrutit him. Even the Joker plays his games with Batman almost like Satan and God arguing over what Job will do in the bible.


I should also mention that if you click on the articles tab and view my LinkedIn article about Google, you will see that it is me explaining that their "How to interview at Google" youtube video tutorial featured a wrong answer. I pointed out the mistake and offered a superior answer, and then they interviewed me. It's only just occuring to me now, that they purposefully put the wrong answer in that video, and are only interested in interviewing people who are able to see it. They made the mistake on purpose. I had barely started coding for less than a few months and I have interviews at Google and Amazon when there are CS majors that have way more experience than me and probably can't even sniff an interview at google.

If I get tired of trying to explain to you what I know in different ways, I am in danger of calling you "Sheep" and developing a hatred of you. Then I am an easy target to be indirectly recruited into a system that takes advantage of someone like you. I once had a sort of interview with an Advance Space AI lead person who made a strange comment to me in a bar. He said, "If you say you want to make money, that will take you very far in this business". And what business is that exactly? Space exploration with AI? Why would wanting to make money have anything to do with how high you are able to rise in space exploration. Shouldn't it be intelligence, curiosity, and ingenuity? Why would announcing that you want money, be the deciding factor? Well, if space exploration is a fraud, and his business model is to trick investors into giving him money so he can fake a bunch of space shit, then in that scenario, and only in that scenario, his comment would make sense.

My friends like to say that I think all the world is a show, and they aren't willing to go that far. But guess what? If 9/11 is fake, and everything else is real, that doesn't make any logical sense. Either all of it's real, or none of it is. I'm telling you, there's no logical way to think 9/11 was an inside job, but simultaneously believe in democracy, voting, the news, politicians, the moon landing, coronavirus, sandy hook, anything. Literally all of it goes down the drain with the same "Reality Flush" as Matt from Quantum of Conscience would put it.


If they weren't trying to recruit truthers, they wouldn't have made it so obvious. This theory explains all the breadcrumbs they leave for people to chase. There are mistakes that they allow as an initiation. A singed passport of a terrorist when the black boxes can't even survive the explosion... things like that are mistakes on purpose.

The Illuminati are the "illuminated ones" who possess knowledge. They have been through the initiation.


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