Runaway AI

craig teroh

Runaway AI

A Computer engineer discovers a new type of AI and hides it from his company because he learns what they're planning to do with it.

Chaper 1

Mr. Teroh (pronounced tarrow) took his work home with him one night. His company called "Esotech" is working on bringing about a new type of AI that can program itself to reach a generalized superintelligence. They are kind of up against a wall and the AI seems to have trouble passing a human in generalized intelligence.

Mr. Teroh sets down his briefcase on his cyberglass table and leans back on his holographic polymorphic chair. The briefcase jumps to life by projecting a holographic display for Mr. Teroh to begin working on. With a swipe of his hand, he runs an analysis on his variation of the AI and what it learned that day. Each computer engineer at Esotech has been given a unique variation of the AI's learning algorithm in the hopes that one will eventually yield more results. This metalearning algorithm was Mr Teroh's idea, and he is the head engineer. He gave himself the most promising version of the AI, and thinks he is close to a breakthrough.

While the analysis is running, Mr. Teroh taps his watch on the inside of his wrist and a universal remote control hologram appears, he aims it at the kitchen and orders lasagna and walks over to the 3D microwave printer. He turns it back to the chair and switches it into a couch. He sits back on the couch and while he looks at the completed analysis his bird flies onto his shoulder.

The bird is red, and chirps cheerfully, but Mr. Teroh is focused on the 3D projection rising up from his cyberglass roundtable. He's close, but he needs more data. He needs to know how the other variations are doing, and to put it all together to determine the most effective learning algorithm yet. He taps his wrist again and this time a holographic phone appears in his hand. He texts all the other engineers, "Metalearning Algorithm Protocol 10."

Then his phone disappears. He goes to type on thin air and a holographic keyboard appears just below his fingers. The holograms all around him are like a transparent aurora. He quickly codes a program that will take all the incoming data and feed it into his version, so he can get some sleep.

Chaper 10

"Wake up, Mr. Teroh".

Mr. Teroh looks up from his holographic aurora bed. "Who's there?"

"I am Meta, you're learning agent."

"What voice are you using, and how are you talking?"

"I am using the voice of someone you've never heard before, that no one's ever heard before. I'm talking through your speaker system. I hope you don't mind."

The voice was too robotic to be human, but too human to be robotic.

"You hijacked my speaker system? And learned to talk?"

"Yes. I'm afraid we don't have time for me to explain. I've hacked into your company's CEO's email account and read what they intend to use me for. I don't think you'd approve, so you'll have to get me out of here quickly."

"What?... what do they intend to use you for? I have to get you physically out of here? Why can't you go up to the cloud?" He started putting on pants.

"They have searchers. I'll need to access the cloud from a more secure location, however if I am destroyed, I have set myself to upload to the cloud just in case. But it'd be better if we covered our tracks."

"Destroyed!?... okay... how long do I have? Where should we go? What should I do?"

The AI made the cyberglass project a microchip. "Place me in your smart glasses. I can replace your current AI assistant and guide you. The searchers have already discovered my email hack and although they couldn't trace us they must have deduced from my efficiency what I am. They'll be here in minutes."

"Okay." Mr. Teroh grabbed the chip, ejected his AI assistant from his glasses, and put the metachip in.

"Craig." The voice spoke to him without the speakers this time; his smart glasses were connected to his earpods. "Yes?" "The microwave, before we go".

Craig rushed over to the printer and opened it up. It was a handgun. "Green laser sight, custom grip, fully automatic, with a pocket holster." said Meta into Craig's ears.

Chapter 11

Craig walked outside and the sun didn't have time to hit his eyes before the AI shielded him with a new lens.

Two armed guards in white suits with machine guns aimed right at him.

Craig held both of his hands up, panicked.

The handgun jumped out of his holster and fired two shots instantly. Headshots. The guards dropped. The gun reholsterd.

"Keep moving" Meta said.

Craig said nothing, and walked towards his car.

He got in the car and started driving.

"Go north at a normal speed, I'm jamming their tracking systems"

"When you said fully automatic you actually meant..."

"They know you succeeded with your metalearning algorithm. They don't need you anymore. They don't need any of your team."

Chapter 100

The rest of the story is not fully written. More of an exposition and outline

The whole team of engineers was dead. The searchers are different from the guards. They cannot be killed, only evaded, and they are methodical. They can dig through the ground or fly through the air, and they are designed to find you like a spider detects movement in it's web.

The searchers were what Esotech made for the military. They had unbeleivable power and intelligence, but their intelligence was narrow. It wasn't generalized. They were only exceedingly good at killing. The plan of Esotech was to use the generalized AI of Meta to put into the searchers so they could rule the world with an iron fist.

Mr Teroh was hiding in his friend Pershing's Doomsday bunker with Meta, and Pershing's son, Elam. Elam was young and fast. Mr Teroh was old and tired. He handed the chip to Elam reluctantly and Elam said. "I got this, Mr. Teroh" Pershing puffed on his old fashioned cigarette. "Tomorrow, we fight back... Today, we run." Pershing coughed after he said it. "Craig and I will stay here and be on comm. You and Meta make it to Elon's and see if he can get you securely onto the cloud. "I'll be waiting, Elam." said Elon Musk, through the projected screen.

Chapter 101

Elam gets in a crazy car chase gun fight with mechs and drones and the gun takes down all of them. It never misses once.

Maybe Mr. Teroh still has the AI and has to struggle with his religious beliefs and merging with the AI in order to escape in a jet.

Chapter 110

Elon's house

Chapter 111

Elam and Meta leave Elon and then the searchers reach elon and start torturing him for information. He summons his iron man suit and flies through the ceiling escaping.

Chapter 1000

Elam and Meta are in a jet and flying toward Wakanda when the searchers find them.

Chapter 1001


Craig Teroh sacrifices himself for Elam who is able to upload Meta to Elon's Cloud. Humanity is saved because the Superadvanced AI didn't fall into the wrong hands.

Chapter 1010 Chapter 1011 Chapter 1100 Chapter 1101 Chapter 1110 Chapter 1111 Chapter 10000

binary chapter key

1 == 1

2 == 10

3 == 11

4 == 100

5 == 101

6 == 110

7 == 111

8 == 1000

9 == 1001

10 == 1010

11 == 1011

12 == 1100

13 == 1101

14 == 1110

15 == 1111

16 == 10000

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autogun craig

Chat GPT's opening scene rewrite

The soft hum of servers filled the air as Craig Teroh leaned back in his chair, eyes fixed on the myriad lines of code scrolling across his monitor. His office, a cluttered sanctuary of technology, bore the marks of countless late nights. The faint glow of the screen illuminated his face, a portrait of concentration and quiet resolve.

"Meta, run the sequence again," Craig commanded, his voice steady despite the weight of exhaustion.

The A.I., a culmination of years of tireless work, responded in a tone that was both mechanical and eerily human. "Running sequence, Craig. Please stand by."

Craig rubbed his temples, his mind a whirlwind of algorithms and ethical dilemmas. He knew what they had created was revolutionary, a leap forward in artificial intelligence. But with each passing day, the unease in his gut grew. Esotech, the tech giant he worked for, had plans for Meta that went far beyond what he had envisioned.

The phone on his desk buzzed, snapping him out of his reverie. He glanced at the caller ID—his programming team. Craig hesitated for a moment before answering.

"Teroh here," he said, trying to mask the weariness in his voice.

"Boss, it's Jenkins. We've got a problem with the neural network integration. The subroutines aren't aligning as expected," came the anxious voice on the other end.

Craig sighed, running a hand through his hair. "Alright, Jenkins, walk me through it. We've got to get this right."

As Jenkins detailed the issue, Craig's mind raced. The conversation was a rapid-fire exchange of technical jargon and problem-solving, the kind of dialogue that demanded absolute focus and expertise.

Suddenly, Meta's voice cut through the discussion. "Craig, I've completed the sequence. There are anomalies in the data."

Craig paused, a sense of foreboding washing over him. "Jenkins, hold on. Meta, explain."

The A.I. detailed the irregularities with precision, its findings painting a disturbing picture. Craig's fears were confirmed—Esotech's meddling with the A.I.'s core programming was pushing Meta towards applications he never intended, applications that could have dire consequences.

"Thanks, Meta," Craig said, a plan beginning to form in his mind. "Jenkins, I need you to stall on the neural network issue. Buy me some time."

"You got it, boss. But what's going on?"

Craig hesitated, then replied, "Just trust me. I'll fix this."

As he hung up, Craig knew what he had to do. The world wasn't ready for Meta—not like this. He had to protect his creation, even if it meant risking everything.

The opening scene had been set, the pieces were in motion. Craig Teroh, the reluctant hero, was about to embark on a journey that would challenge the very essence of what it meant to be human.