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Chapter 0

 "Mr. Anderson!" Agent smith repeatedly says to Neo in the Matrix. Why? Smith was antagonizing Neo, trying to get him to identify with his Matrix name, because he was the God of the Matrix simulation, and as long as Neo plays by the rules of the Matrix, he'll lose. Agent smith has Neo in a chokehold on the traintracks as a train approaches. How does Neo win? He loosens the chokehold just enough to be able to say, "My name is Neo!" and then he rises up and slams Smith into the ceiling before blackflipping out of the way just as the train comes and hits Agent Smith. Neo is an anagram for "One" and Neo was the one. Elam is an anagram for "Male" and I am the alpha male. I'm here to teach you how to loosen the devil's chokehold just enough for you to be able to take a breath and tell him who you really are. You are God's children, and he can't prevent you from getting closer to your heavenly father and finding out your purpose in life, like I've found mine. All he can do is try.

And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand. I and my Father are one.

Chapter 1

 I am a White Blood Cell. I detect an illness in the body we're a part of and I intend to engulf that illness with love and to sacrifice myself for the good of the body. This book will not make you more like me. It will make you more like you, by reconnecting you to your unobservable truth, and freeing you from observable lies. Statistically, if you're reading this, you are probably a Red Blood Cell. RBCs are equally as valuable to the body as WBCs, as they carry oxygen to and from the lungs to keep the body alive. White Blood Cells need to move quickly and recent 3D imaging has shown they do this by shapeshifting until they reach the site of the infection. The white blood cell does not waste time trying to get the red blood cells to see the disease, nor does it try to convince them to get out of the way. Instead, the WBC takes whatever shape it needs to on the way to get the job done. I will do whatever I have to do, and be whoever I have to be to get my job done. It's not about letting my end justify the means, because there is no end in eternity, and this is an infinite game like Simon Sinek says. It's about doing the right thing, moment to moment, taking the right shape, to stay on my path.

Chapter 10

 What is the illness I seek to heal? More important than that is the cure. The cure is openmindedness. If I say, "Jesus", some of you will immediately close this book. But Jesus wasn't a Christian. Jesus was a man. Religions based on that man's life that have turned you off are not his fault. I need to be able to quote scripture in this book to provoke thought, but without the heavy attachment of the churches I disavow. Jesus didn't have a Jesus. He had a personal connection with his Creator, the Creator, and did His will, and was able to accomplish great works. We can use the example of Jesus to better connect with our own Creator, and that is our only defense against the Devil and the greatest trick he ever pulled. When we connect to the Creator, we find out why we were created. We are emboldened to embrace our individuality and my intent with this book is to empower you to become what you are and who God made you to be.

Chapter 11

 Nietzsche's critique of Christianity in the book "Beyond Good and Evil" is the most brilliant one of all time. I will attempt to explain it, and then turn it against itself.

Explaining It

 At the dawn of morality, there was a caveman with a basic sense of good and bad. Water was good. He was good. Drought was bad. Physical strength was good and weakness was bad. When another caveman came along, both would have the same basic morality, but the stronger of the two might bop the other one on the head with a club and take his stuff. The strong caveman would also get the girl. When the cavemen interacted, the stronger man was the weaker man's master. The weaker man was seen as bad by the strong man. Bad at fighting, bad at protecting himself, bad at getting women. The strong cavemen had the first type of morality and that is what Nietzsche calls the "Master Morality".

 Nietzsche talks about the will to power we all have. The master caveman is able to excercise his will to power successfully; he takes what he wants. The weak caveman is not able to fulfill his will to power because the strong man overpowers him. The weak cavemen is the strong caveman's slave, and his will to power is suppressed. But Neitzche argues the will to power in people is so strong that it finds a way to eventually come out. Nietzsche says the slave had to invent a new type of morality to take his power back from his master. Normally the slave would see himself as bad, and the master as good, but in order to see himself as good, the slave calls the master "evil" and himself "good". Good became Evil, and Bad became Good, just so the slave could live with himself. "My master is evil. If I had his power, I would never do that" is what the slave says to make himself feel morally superior, because he can't feel physically superior.

 Another way to think about Good and Bad vs. Good and Evil is with basketball. You are either good or bad at basketball. That's a skill. But who would you call "Evil" in basketball if you had to? Is it the good players or bad players? It's Lebron James on the Heat dunking on people. It's Michael Jordan pushing off. It's Kobe Bryant as the Black Mamba. As you can see, Good and Evil are two sides of the same coin, and the other side of the coin is Good and Bad.

 Christianity, he argues, has the ultimate slave morality, because it gives the powerless power. It calls the poor blessed and says the rich won't go to Heaven. It gives victims of crimes an avenue to moral superiority. It condemns evil. It turns the other cheek instead of fighting back. It says the meek will inherit the Earth. It says you have treasure in Heaven and get to live forever, while your captors or masters are going to hell. It comforts the man who can't get laid by saying lust is wrong.

 Is your morality really your own morality? Or is it your will to power satisfying itself in a roundabout way? To put it simply, Good became Evil and Bad became Good. The reason girls like "Bad Boys" is because deep down they know that what we call "Bad" today is actually Good in disguise. "Bad Boys" are good at getting girls off.

Turning it against itself

 Lucifer, God's favorite angel, uses this master morality to try to say that "Goodness" is just weakness in disguise. The devil argues that if man were given power, he would abuse it. "Do what thou wilt" is a Satanic mantra, and embraces the master morality argument of discounting Christian ideas of good and evil and instead just going after what you want and being either good or bad at that. Lucifer is known as the light-bringer. He calls himself light and views himself as exposing the darkness that is the slave morality of Christianity. The Irony is that Lucifer lost his war in Heaven. Lucifer is a loser who had his will to power suppressed in heaven by Archangel Michael who defeated him in battle even though Lucifer turned himself into a dragon. Rather than accepting that he is bad and God is Good, after losing the war with God without God even lifting a finger, Lucifer declares himself Good. He tries to get humans to see him as the bringer of truth, the light bearer, when really he is the Father of lies. Lucifer's master morality is actually the slave morality of heaven. The light of the world is Jesus. The truth is that God is Good, and Jesus is the light he shined on the world on how to be good. The Illuminati, is actually dark, but calls itself illuminated for the same reason the slave calls himself good when he is actually bad.

Chapter 100

 Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He is the light of the world. If we are judged it is because we preferred darkness because our deeds were evil. We have to repent and embrace the light and only then will we be available to hear anything that is true. If we have ears to hear, and eyes to see, The truth will set us free. And once we all link up to truth and love and Jesus and our Creator, we will be more powerful than even the Dragon. I am Elam the Dragonslayer, and you are destined for greatness, but you have the free will to falter. But no matter how far you have fallen, or sinned, which is an archery term for "missing the mark", if you are alive, you still have a chance to join God's team. And let me tell you, when you're on God's team, you're going to win -- forever.

Chapter 101

 Some of you may have wondered why my chapters seem to jump all over the place and skip. Others of you may have already figured it out. It's binary code for 1,2,3,4,5. Chapter 101 is 5 because the 1's represent on switches and the 0's are off switches for the powers of two. The rightmost 1 is for 2^0 being on. The leftmost 1 is for 2^2 being on. 2^0 = 1 and 2^2 is 4 so 4+1=5. 2^1 is switched off with a zero, so we wouldn't add 2^1= 2. If we did have it on it would be Chapter 111 and mean chapter 7. Even binary numbers always end in 0 because it's all powers of two being added to each other and the final digit is whether or not to add one for the odd numbers.

 I hope this lesson shows you that some things that seem foolish are actually complexly accuracte if you have the proper education. I went to a coding bootcamp and learned how to do web development. I went to UCSC and learned how to do philosophy. I taught myself how to design games. I have been interviewed at Google, Amazon, and Meta but I've never gotten the job. I am not sure computer programming is for me, but I'm glad I know enough to be able to code my own website,, and write a philosophical blog. The girl I'm seeing told me I should write a book and this is that book. A cute 19 yearold girl thought you should have this. Before I get into the crux of my book about what I think is going on in the world, and how you can arm yourself against it, I will share a little bit more about my background as a male. In highschool I dated a girl who won the award for "Dream Date". That means that when everyone thought about who they most wanted to go out with, they all thought of my girlfriend. I was living the dream. No doubt, I was, and loving every second of it. But I believe dating her through highschool and college was key to me developing a belief in myself, that my own methods get results better than following anyone elses. It also allowed me to stop playing the dating game and start figuring out what the truth of this place really is. Some people are still chasing that perfect girl, with their head down hard at work, I was lucky enough to be able to get her early, live my dream, and realize that there's more to life than having a good facebook page. I don't mean to brag, what I mean to do is qualify myself as a potential alpha male with a valuable perspective.

 It doesn't mean I'm more valuable than you. Who am I to say who God values most? All I can do is what I think God created me for. He created me to glorify himself, and any glory I bring on myself in attempt to bring God glory is forgiven. One of the people with the highest IQ's ever, Richard Rosner, went to highschool multiple times and changed his identity each time, because he viewed highchool as a microcosm of life. In that microcosm of my life, I was the alpha male. Someone has to be the first pick of the draft, and score the most points. I've done both of those things in my life. It's that person's responsibility to share their unique perspective with the tribe because life is a team sport. I want us to win. I'm not trying to trick you for my own benefit, I'm trying to get you to see the trick at my own expense. You might think you are a better man than me, and more alpha. You might have a hotter girl and a better life and do more good in the world. You might be right, but most men live quiet lives of desperation, and I'm trying to save them, and I could use your help.

 In the movies about highschool they always had the buff jock who had the girl and then the nerdy nice guy who ends up with the girl. I decided to do both. I attacked from every angle, and tried to have no weakness. I had big arms, a big brain, was nice, could play football, and guitar. I even formulated a strategy of how to get any girl I wanted, which was to outcompete all other men. I figured when I became a senior there would be no guys older than me and I was confident I could outcompete everyone in my grade level. So I used my Junior year to plan for my senior year girlfriend. I made myself the logical choice for junior girls with their boyfriends going off to college. If love is a game, I had the best game. The guy I looked up to the most when it came to women told me one day that I had surpassed even him and that was when I knew I had a unique perspective to share. At that point it's between you and God. When Gary Kasparov was so good at chess that no person could beat him, and they made a computer that was better than everyone else and it still couldn't beat Gary, chess was between Gary and God. God is the creator, and has the ultimate knowledge of everything. Every beautiful thing you experience, he put there for you to discover. And the experts in their fields are alone with God. God is always there. Getting better at something only brings you closer to God, who is the best at everything.

 I know who I am. I am Elam Ahpla, the alpha male. Someone has to be, I just am. It isn't Elon Musk, it's me. It's not Elon; it's Elam. He's a fraud, I'm real.

When my highschool sweetheart left me I promptly failed out of college and developed shy bladder syndrome so bad I couldn't pee in public. I was addicted to marijuana, porn, and call of duty. After a few painful years, I triumphed over my anxiety and got back into and graduated from UC Santa Cruz. I studied philosophy because I wanted to know the truth of life before I lived it, and now it's time for you to hear the truth.

Chapter 110

 What's happening in the world is we are being pushed in a certain planned direction by the events that seem to happen randomly. The official story is that we were attacked on 9/11 and had to respond the way we did. We were blindsided by this coronavirus and had to shutdown the world and inject people with mRNA technology. That's not the way the world actually works.

 The problems we think we face are not real. They are orchestrated. Then they induce a fear reaction from the public. The solutions are presented to us as the only option and we agree to go along with them and give up some of our freedoms, tax dollars, or privacy. This is a systematic attack on you specifically, and you need to wake up. My job is to wake you up so we can win. And if I can't wake you up, it's my job to say, "No." No to the mRNA injection. I would rather die. No to the mask mandates at work. I would rather quit. At my insurance job I left work and didn't come back until they got rid of the mask mandate for everyone. The world needs men like me, even if they don't know it. It should be a personal choice to wear the mask, and the cons outweigh the pros. We are running out of time. What we need, is a breakaway civilization, with new laws and new news and new everything. Then we need to do a basic experiment and see which civilization does better, the new one I call Cloudland, or the old. Because increasingly the power of this world is a global force of totalitarian takeover. We must escape it and declare our independence if we want to keep our values intact and avoid the increasingly pushed moral relativism.

 The bad guys of this movie are the ones that created the virus with gain of function research. They planned out the vaccine ahead of time and injected most of us. Any sermon that doesn't warn you against this vaccine or doing what the government tells you to do or believe is worthless. I am here to warn you. I'm here to save you. I'm going to be as loud as I possibly can until it kills me, and the disease at the same time.

 Remember to keep an open mind. Jesus says the devil would deceiveth the whole world. Regardless of what shape the earth is, hypothetically, if it was flat or hollow, that would illustrate the depth of the lies here and how skilled Satan is at tricking you. The covid virus has never been isolated. The inventor of the PCR test said not to use it to diagnose viral infections. The inventor of the mRNA technology said not to get the vax. The media is full of shit on every single channel. Even the truth channels, are flooded with fake truth to poison the well. The social networks are policed and our ability to think and discuss has been damaged. Misinformation campaigns are excuses to police free thought and keep your mind in a tiny box. Google is there to spoonfeed you politically correct answers. I think Google's search engine is a wonderful tool, but these are precarious times for our minds and we are at war. It's a spiritual war, a mind war, an invisible war, and a secret war. We blew up ourselves on 9/11. It's called a False Flag where we blame someone else so we can attack them with public support. We lied. Satan is responsible. He can slip in and out of people like how any person not unplugged from the Matrix can become an agent. You better start believing in ghost stories, Elizabeth; you're in one.

Chapter 111

 I would like to work full-time on my cause, and by buying the Book of Elam you are part of the revolution. You are part of the rebellion we so desperately need. You are the resistance. I will form a church and make it cool. I will form a civilization and make it thrive. I will form an army and make it win. Now I should say, that our current civilization is not without merit. It does a lot of things right. We are still largely able to get educated, get a job, get a girl, and make a family. Some men are succeeding here. But the stats don't lie. Most of us are clinically depressed, anxious, addicted, in debt, or suicidal. Why? Well something's missing. We're all capable of happiness. We have the technology to build a new world where happiness is easier to come by, and you're allowed to live in a little house for free while you figure out how you want to contribute. Technology is double-edged, therefore we need our morals to catch up with our technology. We could fix hunger, be sustainable, it's all doable. It's all worth striving for. But right now we have this capitalistic net of self-interest, barely holding everything together. We frantically drive around in traffic, working jobs we hate, trying to buy shit we don't need with money we don't have, to impress people we don't like, like Tyler Durden said in Fight Club, and what George Carlin said in stand-up. Elam is my Tyler Durden. It's my fully masculine alter-ego, created to save me from my pathetic life. We can start a project mayhem but instead of mayhem we can be creative. Project Creation. Where we honor our creator and pay homage to Him in everything we do. That way, we can succeed like Jesus succeeded. The first rule of Project Creation is that you do ask questions.

 In the world you will have tribulation. But take courage; I have overcome the world!

 We can do this. We can come up with a better system. I can lead us there if you let me. It starts by being honest with each other about how we feel. It starts by reconnecting to our spirit, like the youtube philosopher Jonathan Adampants said. He's the John the Baptist to my Elam.

 In our society we attack like dogs when someone thinks differently, or speaks controversially. Look at Kyrie Irving and Kanye West. I want to make a Kyrie Irving highlight montage with Kanye West music. It will be great because Kyrie can ball with the best of them and Kanye can rap with them too. It's between Kyrie and God when it comes to handles and finishing at the rim against Golden State. It's between Kanye and God when he's writing Runaway, Jesus Walks, or Ultralight Beam.

 Antisemitism is used as a tactic to prevent thought and pointing the finger at where harm might be done. I bet when I called myself an Alpha male you wanted to disprove me, or challenge me rather than learn from me, but guess what? You're a maxist. You're only doing that because my name is Max, and you're no better than those hate crimes that were commited to little boys named Max, so speak no further and apologize and pay this fine.

 We need to be able to talk. Talking leads to the truth and the truth leads to Jesus Christ and your Creator. They restrict speech, and thought, and they do it under the guise of what's best for you. You should be humiliated that the government feels they have to censor information for you that might be untrue because you're too stupid to figure it out for yourself. They say they are combating hate speech when really they are using that noble cause as an excuse to silence dissent.

 I am not calling for violence against Jews, or Homosexuals, or blaming any group of people or condemning any action. I am exposing these false justifications for silencing free speech. They restrict your movement in the name of Covid. They eliminate your bodily autonomy in the name of protecting others. They go to war in the name of national security. Every attack they wage is under the guise of benevolence, and we have to stop letting them get away with it. They don't care. The Committee of Public Safety in the French Revolution didn't care about public safety, it was just easier to chop peoples heads off with guillotines in the name of public safety. Satan lies. Does the rapist come up to you in the name of rape? Or does he say he loves you before he slips something into your drink? We have been raped by our own governments and need to file a police report. And we can't call 911. They will never help us. 911 is the number of 9/11 and that occult attack. We need to call 117. 117 will dial our new police, Elam's secret police. My police will be there to actually help people. Our current police is there to uphold the law, and the law is rotten. If you are a police officer know that I respect you and think there are good cops trying to do the right thing. But you need to switch to my side, and realize you are working for the devil. The police are used to protect the private property of the ones hoarding it. This doesn't mean I'm against private property, or want Cloudland to be communist. What I want is for us to admit that our current situation isn't perfect, is getting worse, and we need a new one.

 Jordan Peterson warns us about Utopias and in a sense Cloudland could be viewed as a Utopia. However I view it as a social experiment we need. If Cloudland existed and we had something to compare this one world rat race to, people might switch sides. The world governments would try to step in, and spread false narratives about what goes on in Cloudland so they could invade for the benevolent cause of "Human Rights" but they will never say what they're really doing. The Devil will use lies to suppress the truth.

 All I'm asking for is a chance. A chance to break free from this Matrix. If I had more money and more people working with me I'd be extremely dangerous to the establishment and I suspect they will try to prevent me from making money in a way that isn't detracting from my real work. I think they will try to prevent my words from getting out. The publisher companies may not publish this. The revolution may not be televised. We need a prince. We need a leader. A real one. Not an old dying liar of a man like our President Joe Biden. Not a smooth talker like Obama who seems like a great president but doesn't actually tell you what's going on.

Chapter 1000

 There is a story of a knight who was training to become the best in his village. He trained and trained, and when he walked home at the end of his hard work the pretty girls would wave at him and he would wave back. Then one day a shadow approached him in his home. The knight drew his sword but the shadow said, "I have come to offer you something". The knight was then given a magical screen on which he could watch other knights training, the best in the world. He became transfixed by the way they swung their swords and won their battles. Then he came home another day and saw the shadow again and said, "What do you have to offer me this time?" The shadow replied, "The most beautiful women in the world" and showed him images on the screen of very hot girls bathing and changing. The knight started to miss his workouts, skip his training, and rush home to his screen to watch the knights save their town and the girls take off their clothes. He stopped waving to the local girls in town. He stopped leaving his room. He stopped becoming a great knight. Then one day the shadow appeared again and said, "I'm here to tell you the truth. I am the Devil. It was prophesied that a young knight would defeat me and save his town, but now I have already won. You have neglected your training and are no match for me." The knight was shocked and defeated, and asked pathetically, "Can I see the women one more time?" "Always." the Devil replied. The devil doesn't care what he gives you as long as it's taking you away from the real war he's waging. It's like when Cypher in the Matrix betrayed Morpheus by conspiring with Agent Smith to be put back into the Matrix as a famous actor with no memory of the real world. The Agent happily agrees, because he doesn't care about the illusory experience of Cypher in the Fake Matrix. He cares about winning the war of reality in the real world, trying to get to Zion, the last human city. No doubt I have been damaged by the devil's screen, and I'm not the knight I should be, but I'm on my way to reclaiming my alpha status, and when I do, I'm going to save the world.

 This world is a prison for your mind, and no matter how good you think you have it you have to realize that this isn't really real, and the devil doesn't care how much money you have or how successful you think you are, as long as it doesn't interfere with his spiritual war against God. He will use anything and everything to tear you away from your Creator, to prove to God people prefer his way instead of God's way. God and the Devil made a bet with Job in the Book of Job. Job was a man who loved God, and the Devil said that he only loves God because his life is good and if God took that away he would curse God. God then took away Job's good life and Job famously said, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away." and kept his faith in God. God then showered him with an even better life than before and won the bet with the Devil. We all have our own fight, and I'm trying to give you the weapons and armour you need to be victorious, so we can all be victorious one day with God in Heaven. He is the only just ruler, and his Kingdom is the one to aim for. Cloudland is just a stop-gap. It's a step in the right direction, because I'm tired of being pushed in the wrong direction. Stand up for what you believe in. You've been told that Tolerance is a virtue, that you should be tolerant of other ways of life, and gay people making out in commercials. That commercial for HIV meds isn't to sell medication. It's to socially engineer the population and normalize homosexuality. Intolerance is the virtue, because it allows you to stop the pain and do something about it. Tolerance is only as good as the thing you're tolerating. If a thing is good, it isn't tolerated, it's welcomed. Tolerance is for something bad, and Ecnarelot was the biggest dragon Elam slayed in my story of Cloudland. They're teaching us to be in pain, and do nothing about our pain. Was Jesus tolerant of the money-lenders in church? No, he wouldn't tolerate what bothered him in his father's house. Did Jesus tolerate the religious leaders of his time, or did he defy them? Obedience to God is disobedience to Earth.

You cannot serve two masters, God and money.

Chapter 1001

 How did I come up with Elam? Was it an original idea? I was learning about the magical power of words.

 God created the world with words.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

 Satan uses words to trick us. He hides things in reverse.

 So I decided to write a story with traditional values about a Dragonslayer. I named the dragons the reverse of various things I was wrestling with like sexism, racism, toxic masculinity, and tolerance. No one noticed. I wanted to use that magic on the good side. My character's name was Elam, but before I wrote the story of Cloudland, available on with illustrations, I came up with the concept of elam while playing around with words and trying to figure out what was happening to me. See, in college I was in my car one night smoking weed and watching porn on my phone. It was a sissy introduction video talking about how porn makes guys like dick, and that it's been turning me gay, or that I'd like to be a woman. It used very hot women in the video and got me off more than I ever had to porn before. I started to fall down the rabbit hole a little bit with sissy training videos telling me to worship cock. I think this all started because I was attracted to girls reacting to big dicks and so I searched for cock worship videos and found the sissy stuff. This scared me because it became sissy hypnosis and I was worried what the porn was doing to my brain and sexuality. Then I saw a reverse sissy hypno video using the same magic but in the other direction. It had pictures of very hot girls and was saying over and over, "Pretty girls are vying for my attention." After watching that video at night, the very next day I had a different attitude towards women and approached a beautiful girl in the dining hall and asked her out. She said yes and we eventually went out even though she didn't like that my favorite book was the bible. She slept with me the first night and then wanted me to be her boyfriend but I had also recently asked out another girl and she had said yes. It was a Friday, I fucked the other girl on Saturday and the first girl was upset but ultimately came back to me and I dated her because the second girl was not a good fit at all. My girlfriend was very petite and beautiful, and when I was fucking her in her dormroom one night she said, "Fuck me like I'm your little girl." and I proceeded to fuck her harder and faster than I ever have before or after. "Fucker." she said to me as I fucked her brains out. We didn't go any further into that fetish but it is one that I want to understand as a philosopher. Why do girls say "Daddy" in bed and why did what she said work for me? Is it because in the past men had sex with their daughters and that's why they hand them off to the husband when they get married? I don't know. Is every father and daughter now sexually repressed in our society? I am not sure. I don't have a daughter. But I think our society is too sexually repressed and we need to get to the bottom of these things, talk about them, and make people happy again. If you want to have gay sex I don't think that makes you a bad person, I just don't want you to kiss your boyfriend in front of me if you're a guy. I think there are more important things to worry about and fix. If someone is born gay then by all means be who God created you to be. I'm more worried about straight men who are sexually malleable and getting engineered by weaponized porn into sissy cucks. I'm not a cuck; I'm the bull in my real life. But even I can find that shit strangely arousing. What the fuck is going on on Planet Earth and how do we reclaim our masculinity and fight back? I was looking at the reverses of words relating to my problem like alpha male, and getting into the nuts and bolts about what turns me on and why and who I really want to be or think God wants me to be. God made me male so I put male down and reversed it and capitalized it and saw Elam and fell in love with the name. It's pronounced "E" like the letter "e" and then "lom" like the Lombax race of Rachet from Ratchet and Clank.

 When I made a gamertag for Xbox Live I chose "Killjoy" because one night my mom called me a killjoy for exposing the story she just told as an exaggeration. I was upset with the blatant lie and wanted everyone to know. I had just played and lost to a family friend in 1v1 in Halo 2 by one point with everyone watching, so I decided to associate the name killjoy with Halo and play halo as Killjoy. My first gamertag was Killjoy1171 because I thought my highschool locker freshmen year was 1171. It turns out my locker number was 1711 and I had gotten it backwards. Later on I'm playing halo and got very good and my classmate was like, "I know why you're Killjoy 1171" And I'm like, "Really, why?" because he's never going to guess that it's my locker number remembered incorrectly. "Because Master Chief is Spartan 117". So coincidentally I had made that mistake with my locker number and had 117 in my tag. This was the first time I learned Master Chief's number and I thought it was so cool that my mistake ended up working out so well. Then Later on I got rid of the numbers and just became I Killj0y I with the i's acting as bars because I just wanted to be simply killjoy. Then in Halo 3 "Killjoy" became a medal for killing someone who's on a killing spree so the announcer would yell out my gamertag every game.

 It's these types of coincidences that I pay attention to and draw meaning from and in my opinion this is one of the ways God communicates with us. Synchronicity is one of His languages. The more you pay attention, the more you'll see God is all around you, waiting to be focused on, waiting to be seen. Every moment is a gift. I've experienced my gamertag becoming the number of the Spartan who saved the world. I've heard it cried out in the game I love. And now, I've seen Elam in the Bible.

 When I came up with the name Elam, I googled it, to see if anyone else had used it, or what it meant, and what I could learn from it. Nothing came up. I couldn't find anything. The closest thing I could find was "The Lamb of God" had Elam seperated by a space in "The Lamb". Now, it has multiple wikipedias, maps of it as a place, and it's in the book of Genesis. Noah's son Shem has a son named Elam. This was not there when I searched the bible for Elam, and yet it's always been there. How is this possible? Well, you have to understand the implications of the Mandela Effect being true. The Mandela effect is when multiple people share the same memory of something that history shows never happened. For example, "Luke, I am your father." was never said in Star Wars if you check right now. The new line is, "No, I am your father.". In Tommy Boy when Chris Farley says, "Luke I am your father." that remains unchanged, so people think others are getting confused, but the real truth is that that line was changed in such a supernatural way that it even changed in the past too. Retrocausality is a quantum physics concept about the effect preceding the cause. I've linked to an article about it on my blog in /november.

 Most of you will not believe I am the alpha male. Most of you will not believe I have come up with an original word that retrocausally has been added to the Bible. But then again, most people did not believe in Jesus, even after he died, they were in disbelief at his resurrection. A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown. I am the prophet Elam, and I am without honor in my hometown. But if this book can get out there, and arm my people against the Devil, I will have succeeded. I am not redacted . I am Elam. I will not play by the rules of this Matrix. I will use the legal name of redacted to shapeshift throughout this life until I reach my time to die, but I'm taking the disease with me. My words will prove true. My light will shine because God wants it to, otherwise I wouldn't have been created, and I wouldn't have been told to write this book. Elam is the hero redacted needs. Elam has a clear purpose and doesn't struggle with motivation. Elam is the leader of men, and the Moses of the prophecy of a woman who wishes to remain anonymous. I will lead us to freedom. We are God's chosen people. Every single one of us. It is only the devil, slipping in and out of our hearts, who we need to defeat.

Chapter 1010

 Why do bad things happen to good people? Because our brains are quantum computers and God gave us free will and some of us abuse that gift to selfishly hurt others. As for the weather harming people, I don't know. "Je ne sais pas" is how you say "I don't know" in french, and I think the Genesis of the bible is God speaking in the most beautiful language, french, and saying he didn't know.

 God is learning about you. Why be omniscient when you can be perpetually learning? I think God exists outside of time, and is omniscient but also gave us free will. That's why in The Matrix the Oracle says, "You've already made the choice. You're here to understand why you did." There is a self-learning algorithm in motion between Good and Evil. When we finally overcome this world, we will be stronger because of it. Being in darkness makes the light blinding. Lucifer calls his knowledge light, but it's because he's a sore loser. He tells Eve to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and she takes a bite and it leads to her death. The devil has given you a screen to weaken you as a knight. Look at your Apple product at the bite taken out of the apple. The battle of good and evil is right in front of your face. I need your help. Although I say I'm the alpha, I acknowledge that there are men who are a lot better than me in specific areas. I can use you in those areas. And you don't need to worship me; just worship God. I'm just saying in a line of people someone has to be first. Someone has to be the tallest. I'm not. Someone has to be the strongest. I'm not. I'm not the best at anything. I'm no better than any of you. I'm just the first man to come up with the concept of Elam. I'm Elam. Not you. Who are you? Let me know. The best thing about the White Blood Cell analogy is that a Black man can still be a white blood cell because it's an analogy that means more than our skin color. Black lives Matter is a divisive movement. Martin Luther King Jr is my hero, and I'm living the dream. My dream girl left me. I was honest with her about my sexual motivations. I told her I would never leave her, and that if she didn't leave me, I would never accomplish anything great, like writing this book. She had me complacent. I've been diagnosed bipolar. I'm imperfect. I'm a weed addict who's 223 days sober on 21mg of Caplyta in sober living, working as a chess teacher and at Best-Buy. I'll tell you anything you want to know about me, but the only thing that matters or anti-matters is that I am Elam, this is the Book of Elam, and you are more than you know. You have God inside of you, and you are inside of God. I am still learning how to be Elam in the world. The last time I was Elam I was imprisoned for threatening violence. I understand the Islamic rage against infidels, but I believe in God's only son Jesus, who didn't go around hurting people. He was a healer and a teacher. Love is patient, love is kind.

Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

"Look at what your life has been telling you. Listen to your spirit. Follow your feeling, see how it makes you feel. Trust yourself." - Jonathan Adampants . I got to tell you, it feels pretty good.

Women are not possessions. They are birds. They should be allowed to fly wherever they want and we should be ashamed as men for ever hurting them or failing to protect them.

I don't believe every word of the bible because I haven't read every word of the bible. I believe in my own experience and my own internal sense of right and wrong, which I believe is divine. I believe we should learn from the bible, and be mindful of it's teachings. We shouldn't disrespect God or be blatantly blasphemous. I would be an unjust ruler because I'm not God. But I would always be willing to speak openly and honestly about how I feel or what I'm doing. By valuing God above all else you value truth and love. I believe in the pursuit of lust as long as it doesn't war with the soul like Peter warned. If I was king I would want women to flash their boobs in the streets and yell, "Elam!" if they wanted to support me and to bring joy to other men. And they wouldn't be wearing masks. When you love God you love his creations, and I believe women are his greatest creation, not just for their bodies but also for their loving hearts. Sex sells, and I'm selling the truth but no one's been buying. I don't believe in slut shaming but I also think there's value in sexual purity. I believe I'm possibly wrong about many things and I'm willing to change my mind. What's non-negotiable to me is the pursuit of the truth, love, and respect of God. I will learn everything I can about God, from the book but also from life. We need a reevalution of morals, an honest account. True moral superiority is being powerful enough to excercise your will to power, but to hold back out of respect for others because of your respect for God. We need a new religion that liberates people instead of controlling them. We need Elam. And maybe I'm not the alpha male. I like the sound of "Elam" more than "Elam Ahpla". I don't need a last name, and I don't need to be your superior. I just want to be who God created me to be. A man. And as a male, I am Elam. I want church to be sexy and attractive so more people find God. I am not ashamed or in denial of my desires. I want to teach a classroom of hot girls and use my dick to instruct them. I want a bearded dragon named Ecnarelot and a black cat named Asha, named after the youtuber Asha Logos. I want to be the best man I can be, and only then will I know God.


My symbol means change for the good.

 Try saying, "Heaven, yeah!" instead of "Hell yeah!", and see how it makes you feel. Ask, "What the heaven?", instead of asking, "What the hell?". I don't do as much as humanly possible because it isn't enough. I do as much as heavenly possible. Words have power over your body, and you can feel their effect. The hope of this book is that people will buy it on Venmo redacted for $1.17 so I can start to create a Heaven on Earth called Cloudland. Put the decimal point wherever you want. The bible says Jesus will have a second coming. I'm tired of waiting for Jesus. Maybe Jesus is waiting for us. He said he exists in all of our hearts and would come on a cloud, so maybe I can be his second coming. I'm coming to you on the cloud of the internet with the proposal of Cloudland. We are at a unique time in civilization where we have this amazing opportunity to assimilate knowledge from the internet to start something new. America, or making America great again, is not the answer. Donald Trump, you're fired. America is beyond repair, although it's given us a foundation of ideas. This is a one world Satanic system. I think we need Cloudland, we need the second coming of Jesus, and we need Elam.

At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.