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  A b o u t me

My name is Elam.


My Delta-Halo symbol means change for the good.

I like to think of myself as a white blood cell

The beauty of my philosophy is that if you do not see the problems I see, don't worry. I view you as an equally valuable part of the body.

This website is meant to be explored, and many of the pictures are links to various parts of my site.

Feel free to hit the play button above and listen to some of my original music I've made.

I own two domain names right now, and they both used to come here. However, I've moved my firstnamelastname.com to a completely separate website where I can appear more professional, and this url is just for my philosophy, religion, and conspiracy theories. I have exclusive content on here that should be invisible everywhere else. I recommend you check out the /videos section as that will have all my secret videos. Also check out the book and blog. Things are a little messy right now because I just switched everything over to be more professional, but if you're reading this, then I just want to give you the truth. I also still post videos on /bit that I find on bitchute.

I coded all of this. It started out as an online portfolio to get a coding job after coding bootcamp, but I've kept it going as a harbor for all of my life's creative output, and a personal challenge to build the best website I can.

I recently coded a pokemon web application  that lets you choose your pokemon team and challenge the A.I. Mewthree, who responds using ChatGPT

Most of the art on here is A.I. generated but I made some of it with photoshop.

I think truth should be discovered by the individual, but is rather declared by the authority of the State, and then implied and reinforced by the Media. Search engines are more like self-driving cars than engines at this point and people are losing the ability to form their own conclusions.

If you can see that the body of government and the body of Earth or whatever body we're a part of is sick, and the people around you can't seem to see it no matter what evidence you provide, you might be a white blood cell too, even if the red blood cells call you a conspiracy theorist.

I think the truth is you have to sustain both yourself and the system, because you are part of the system. Do not let yourself battle between helping yourself and helping others...

Do both.


Jesus said unto them, If ye were blind, ye should have no sin: but now ye say, We see; therefore your sin remaineth.

I wasn't raised religious, but have you ever heard the expression, "Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater"?

I try not throw Baby Jesus out with the bathwater of organized religion.

I am not afraid of looking foolish to you in the same way a Grandmaster of chess is not afraid of looking foolish to his opponent while he is sacrificing material for an eventual checkmate.

With our current government, I'd sooner revolt than vote. I'm passionate about the Orwellian causes and effects of both 9/11 and the Covid lockdowns and mandates. I believe individuals should have the liberty to choose whether or not to wear a facemask, to be locked down, or to take a vaccine.

"Start, then Learn" -- Andrew Kirby

Eternal Elam

Chess is awesome, and the better I get at it the more awesome it becomes

I have an ELO Rating of over 2000 in both classical and rapid chess on lichess.org

Check out /chess and please let me know if you want a chess lesson!

I challenge you to a game.



I write my blog and book in the name of freedom and liberty and I respect your individual liberty to do what you want and think how you want.


web application that sorts my music by masculine or feminine

I'm 117 flirting with Vesper

Got my armour from God; you know it's Beskar.

I'm a deprogrammed human robot

I've tried writing some code to bring about superintelligent AI using a metalearning algorithm

Thank you for using your laptop

Try using your laptop next time

God Bless god


I   a m   t h e   K i n g   o f C l o u d l a n d