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This guy blames the "jews" but the important thing to realize is that what he's saying about the control of information on the internet with algorithms is true.

This guy's awesome!!! Notice how the reporter's job is to talk while he's talking so he cannot make his point clearly. That's literally her main job.

Check out my proof of simulation theory and quantum entanglement sim

My favorite channel on bitchute by far.

This was the smartest guy on the flat earth documentary I just watched and I find it interesting he's talking about platonic solids because that's also what I've been drawn to in trying to understand myself with my symbol and the perfect tetrahedron with 117 length.

I think the World might be stationary / flat.

No "change of kind" proof. Darwin is a Freemason and Evolution doesn't explain our creation.

Beautiful Sadness

Genius kid named Max Laughlin explains that he believes the Mandela Effect proves we are in a parallel universe from the one we started in because CERN changed the weight of an electron.

Sacred Geometry

Integrity of the Magnetic Field -- Very similar to Adampants

Black Hole Sun


Donald Marshall has a crazy cloning theory that coincides with my dream this week.

My favorite story in the Bible is the Fall of Lucifer, God's most beautiful angel who became so proud of himself he eventually convinced 1/3 of the angels to rebel against God because he wanted to be like the most high.


I respect his interview skills and I wonder about the triangle he makes with his hands. It's just another embarrassing line of questioning from the BBC

The Ankh is the symbol of the cross with a loop on the top. Very beautiful Egyptian symbol. The Egyptians have a legend of Satan in the War in Heaven and "the cross of light" that was a weapon from God for Archangel Michael to use and it was the Ankh.

She talks about the same idea Jonathan Adampants had that I love. It's all about when John said, "they're trying to get you to ride him", in his bike-rider metaphor. Christ was a bike rider, the best. You are a bike rider. Ride the bike, don't ride Jesus. connect to the creator.

Diamonds and Rubies are ugly when you shine a light through it but the biblical stones are anisotropic so they have a rainbow like effect.

King Jesus

Wild story about Time Travel, Grey Aliens, Reptilians, and ESP. Interesting how his story of the aliens liking to consume cleaning products is similar to the plot of Stranger Things when the mind controlled people devour cleaning products.

Another Stranger things connection is the use of children and the "rainbow room" or the show matching the "rainbow project" in the story.

This electrical engineer claims to have been Men In Black type memory erased through mind control, but then later he was messing around with electromagnetic waves and his memories came back. The whole story is strangely believable. Very fun stuff to consider.

My main takeaway is that all time is occuring at once, all humans have ESP on a subconcious level, and Reptilians and Greys might be real, and the Stranger Things script of the seasons with Billy and Max were influenced by this real life project or fable.

Gotta follow the commandments / laws of God's Kingdom Government in order to have rights.

Brilliant metaphor of "the staircase of disbelief" where you have to take baby steps with JFK before you can understand 9/11 and then towards the top is staged event psyops and flat earth and at the top is that God is real and loves you.

Crazy shit happening in the sky. Probably preporation for Project Blubeam. Be skeptical if things start coming out of the sky.

A dad buys pajamas for his daughters and they smell bad and no one will tell him what chemicals they're using on it. The Head of Products tells him he doesn't know the chemicals but guarentees it's 100% safe and his reason is because they are compliant with the government regulations. When you know what I know about the government, you know that isn't good enough, so he has it analyzed by a laboratory. He even calls the regulatory agency and they admit the companies can put whatever they want. "Fragrance" is an ingredient loophole that allows companies to have hundreds of hidden chemicals to manipulate consumers with olfactory sense.

I yield back the balance of my time

Good Conspiracy Video

Ignore his quip about Christianity and listen to his amazing philosophical insights


Amazing philosophy by filmmaker Guy Ritchie and analysis of the Prodigal Son biblical parable.

He talks about what I've been saying about telling the world who you are instead of letting them tell you who you are.

My Dad's animated short film. I designed the logo and am in the credits!

I also inspired the character of Praying Mantis who doesn't pray!

AI does comedy as Tom Brady and it's actually funny.

This guy is like that other crazy guy I liked but he's much calmer. I think the connecting of all these dots is mentally taxing and I'm impressed by this guy's ability to seemingly hold it all together.

This guy does a great job trying to explain how everything really works from JFK to operation paperclip to 9/11 and the War on Iraq. He also ties in Lucifer nicely.

Alan Watts on Jesus Christ

5th gen warfare. The War for your mind!

Who goes to Heaven.

Blessed are the unvaccinated!

This guy's out of his mind but I love it. Very insightful at analyzing symbolism.

Thoughts are like Trees

Been thinking about trees and how it relates to me because Elam means tree.

This video has a visual representation of a thought and says it's like trees.


Programmable Matter


They Live

Ye in a mask on Alex Jones

Ye is chillin

AJ is chillin

What more can I say?


Dr Jane Ruby shows proof the vaccine is 99% graphen oxide.

It's poison.

I just want this webpage to be a place where I can collect and post good bitchute videos that you wouldn't get to see on social media or youtube.

This video tears down the false idol of Elon Musk and shows how he's a fraud.




Dr Robert Malone, co-creator of the mRNA vaccines who is against the vaccines and was a controversial guest on Joe Rogan, talks about how we are in an information war right now with propaganda and censorship.

Youtube, the news, and all the social medias actively censor information and sculpt the reality many people experience. It takes the occasional trip into bitchute to be able to hear anything true. That's just the reality we live in. There's a lot of bullshit on bitchute too but at least some of it is true, whereas on youtube it's guarenteed to be missing the truth of what's going on.

My website is uncensored and although I sometimes talk about myself it's also a place where you can be exposed to information they are actively trying to hide from you.

If it's an information war we are in then I'm a soldier, like the one pictured above. If I had more money, support, and time I would do this even more. I would buy new equipment and host a video podcast exposing the truth and lies of this world. I would discuss a new religion to form, and a new government. We live in a rotten world and we need to make serious changes. We need to come together and build something that lasts like our founding fathers. We need to defend our constitution and to create new understandings of health and wealth. We need to defend newborn children against these experimental vaccines! We need new ideas, new economic systems, new educations. We just all need to participate and to use our brains to fix this world. I know we can do so much better if we just tear down this veil and this evil system exploiting us and keeping us in the dark. They're so good at tricking us most of us can't even see the trick. Some even fight to defend the system, because they think they're getting a good deal out of it. It's wrong. It's morally detestable and I just wish I had the resources and time to make a bigger difference. I need as much support as I can get from people who realize we are in this war.

Tomorrow I start my new job and I will do my best to make money so I can continue this just cause of reform and putting the truth out there. Please consider going to /support and becoming a patron with a small monthly donation. I'll also accept Venmo @Maxwell-Jann. I'd like to thank my parents for supporting me financially but they're not doing it because they support my cause, they're doing it because they support my recovery from addiction and mental health problems, and I'm their blood and they love me. I take responsibility for my addiction problems with weed and also for my bipolar episodes. I'm currently on half a dose of my meds and I feel a little more like myself and I'm trying to be mindful of my grandeous ideas and inflated self-importance but I got fired up while writing this post. What right do I have to lead others? But my psychosis is not based on nothing. I know for a fact that conspiracies are real and the truth is censored. Most people aren't going to see the value in what I'm doing here and I'm going to do it anyways, to the best of my ability. I'm not ashamed to ask for financial donations because I work hard on formulating my opinions and writing this blog. This really is war. I really am fighting an uphill battle. I really do need your help. Yes, I slip up and believe things that aren't true occasionally, or word something the wrong way, but that doesn't take away from the value I bring with these words when I get it right and make a positive impact. Words are magic and I'm your wizard. Even just a text letting me know you like my blog goes a long way. God Bless, -Commander Elam.

We're being held back as a civilization by special interest groups, a military industrial complex, big pharma, and the Illuminati. Our leaders should be strong young men and women with new ideas and the ability to have healthy debates. Our current leadership is embarrassing, and our values are wrong. Celebrities perpetuate the sick system and are ostracized when they try to improve it instead of profit off it, see Kanye West. The celebrities were used like puppets when Covid first broke out so they could tell everyone to obey the mandates and take the vax. Some people think they are successful in life when really they are ignorant and nowhere near the truth. You can't take your money with you after death but it's possible we can take the truth with us as eternal consciousness. I evaluate my life based on how close I am to the truth and how close I am to doing what my soul calls me to do. I don't care about societal metrics. I can envision a much better world and I know I can bring about it's existence here but it's so discouraging when most people walked right into the trap of the vaccine, showing me they have no grasp of the truth of this world, and are victims of propaganda and mind control. Most people are useless to me as soldiers. Most don't even know we're at war or see the bullets flying. But the red blood cell, as oblivious to illness as it is, isn't useless to the white blood cell's quest to heal. I view most people as red blood cells that have a purpose but they can't cure the disease like the white blood cells are meant to do. RBCs are still vital to the health of the organism and make the world go round, so to speak. Everyone has value to bring, but in the war against illness it is the WBCs I need to recruit into my army so we can eradicate the illness from the body of Earth.

If you're vaccinated, and you realize you made a mistake and you want to support this mission I'm on then I accept your help and think you can still avoid the boosters and contribute to our collective health, but right now it feels like I'm an army of one. I know at least 3 people in my personal life who are also white blood cells. They are rare. Some of us weren't designed by God to be able to sense the illness and see through the veil and that's okay. RBCS are equally valuable overall. I don't like the terms NPCs or "non-player characters", or sheeple, because we have to consider the people who are blind to this secret war to be our RBC allies, even if they are sometimes poisonous.

I wish to God I had more power to push our civilization forward. I wish the truth was completely revealed to all. I'm trying my hardest with this website and I wish I had more visitors and readers. I cannot stress how serious this is. I've been doing this since I made a Facebook group in highschool called "Heads Well Above the Sand" where we discussed 9/11 conspiracy theories, aliens, and what we should do about them.

I can be a normal guy and function in this world and see the simple beauty in the life we already have, for sure. Go Browns. But I know deep fucking down that something real is missing here. We need stronger leadership and a direction people can all get behind. We need something to rally behind, like the pursuit of truth, wherever it leads. We need calm debates, and better elections. We need to follow the truth wherever it leads and to deal with conflicting information approriately, rather than demonizing it as inferior and crazy which is what's happening now. Our general attitude as a species is intellectually embarrassing. Most people don't even use their own brains. They are spoonfed what to think, how to think it, and when to think it. They tell us when to get angry, and what to be angry about. They tell us to line up and take the vax and 90% do it. They tell us to put masks on our faces, and to lockdown our country. They think they can get away with it. Over my dead body. I will never stop my assault against this tyrannical system here. I will shine through like light bursting through cracks of an eclipse. My life story and struggle will prove successful and I will reengineer human society and point it in a direction we all can agree is better. You may think that's arrogant of me to say but can't we all agree that censorship of free speech is moving in the wrong direction!? We're going the wrong way where we're more unhappy, more divided, have less faith in leadership, and less trust in the news. If we formulated a new society built on fostering independent thinking and healthy calm debate over tribalized socially engineered groupthink we might actually solve the world's problems. We need change. We need to oust the people or beings in positions of power that restrict the freedom of speech and actively try to hide the truth and poison us. Elon Musk is potentially a false idol, we'll see what he does with Twitter. I could see a superintelligent AI being of use to us reorganizing society but it could also backfire and be used to enslave us.


We need a revolution of mind, body, and soul. We need a new age of awakening. We need a new law. We need a new breakaway civilation that is allowed to make it's own constituition so we can compare it's progress with whatever we left behind. I'm confident that a city under my rule could thrive if we were unfettered by the globalist agenda to brainwash us all into slaves. We need a government where taxes are voluntary, and people actually have a working relationship with their government. Right now we're just getting owned, lied to, and exploited.

Please join me in Cloudland, as I try to become the type of person who can really make a difference in the history of humanity, using everything I've learned from the Internet and my life experiences. Standing on the shoulders of giants, I am willing to lead us to prosperity. I have a long way to go physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially, and it wouldn't be easy reorganizing a society, but this idea pumps me up. I don't want to be like the knight in my last post who never tries to live out his dreams. You can laugh if you want, but at least I'm trying. And I'd rather die than give up. If I see a real fucking leader, I will get behind him, but right now it looks like I'm going to have to start this myself.

Elam Forever.

I am raising a secret army in this invisible war. My first recruit goes by Xavier Wolf. My second soldier is Nero. When you join my army, you get to pick your own name. Our legal names are given to us by our parents, but it's vital to come up with your own name that has special meaning to you. My spirit name is Elam Ahpla, alpha male in reverse. What name would you give yourself? If and when we reach 117 members, we will have our first mission, like a beach cleaning or feeding the homeless to start with some community service. It would be a little bit like Project Mayhem in Fight Club, but better, and creative and helpful rather than destructive. Not anyone can join; you have to pass a diagnostic test I'm working on to determine if you have thoughts of your own or you've been conditioned to believe the official narratives. In other words, a test to determine if you're a red blood cell, or a white blood cell.

New video up on /videos and new music recommendation up on /bands

I like the Thutmose songs Blame, and Ride with Me.


Joe Rogan had Duncan Trussel on on Halloween and talked about how Homeland Security has become the thought police on twitter or "truth cops". The supposedly leaked documents introduce a new term "malinformation" which means "information that is true but is often out of context with intent to harm." This is letting the government censor things even if they are factually correct! This really is a war for your mind, and war of information, and I'm on your side.

They only pretend to be on your side. I don't buy any of the talk about censorship of misinformation or disinformation. Let people think for themselves and make up their own minds. The truth is the Government is governing your mentality and wants to prevent you from seeing contrary information that opens up your minds broader than the mainstream narrative and whatever they're pushing at the time. Our first amendment is under attack, and so is our bodily autonomy, and this is a cause worth fighting for.


Life is a beautiful journey | Illuminati Master Plan

Life is a beautiful journey

I was researching robotics news today and it made me realize how incredible human consciousness is.

The problems I wrestle with every day are highly individualized.

I'm kind of on a self-improvement hiatus. It's kind of like I'm constantly downtalking myself for being short of my own expectations.

I often project 20 years into the future and see what can go wrong but life is really long and I'm only 30 years old. I will probably have many monumental moments in my future and it's a lot of pressure to become the man I wish to be in those situations.

Something happens to me and I often think about how it could have gone better if I were better.

It's an interesting choice I have of whether or not to self-improve or chase the girl.

And what would make me truly happy? Putting up chess teacher fliers and getting a new student? Going on a date with a pretty girl? Playing in a chess tournament? Learning something new in code?

I don't know but I'm also kind of down to sit back for a little bit and celebrate what I've achieved already. I'm very happy to be able to play the guitar and chess and call of duty. I'm happy with a lot of what my life is. I just wonder what it could be, but sometimes the beating myself up for not doing it is counter-productive. Maybe by letting back for a bit I can reevaluate my perspective.

This blog in my opinion has gotten too self-centered. I think it's natural for me to bring my own experiences into it but I think initally I was setting out for it to be more enjoyable or educational for others. Now it's kind of become self-therapeutic. However, I would like to talk about vaccine passports as restaraunts near me.

Illuminati Master Plan

I heard that restaurants in LA county require your proof of vaccination at the door to eat inside. Even the vaccinated have to be annoyed with this. The unvaccinated are not only annoyed but also cannot eat there! Ridiculous.

This is the one place I can talk uncensored because I basically own it, but I'm finding myself censoring what I'm about to say, but I won't. I think the covid pandemic does not exist as presented to the population. We'll use the term Illuminati to simplify a scenario where one group leads all groups interwovenly. I think the Illuminati made the covid-19 virus in a lab and then they released it in Wuhan China in a world wide false flag. The Chinese government took swift authoritative action and eradicated it but it was allowed to get everywhere else including America.

Then, in America, the CDC and some scientists came out with astronomical death projections from this new virus on the loose.

Americans were told this was so serious the best thing to do would be to stay at home and not ask questions for 2 weeks and shut down all businesses.

When we agreed, they said, "Can we please have one more week?"

We agreed again. Then it's been about 3 years since and only gotten more authoritarian, although it does ebb and flow.

Okay, so now that the Illuminati has shut down the entire world at the drop of a bat, they then issue a worldwide dress code to our faces. These stupid, surgical masks for regular people.

And then they police them like mad! Like you cannot get your hair cut mad. These restricitons were so draconian looking back on them that I still can't really believe it. This was all done in the name of a problem they themselves created in a lab on purpose.

Then, for the next step in their master plan, the Illuminati rushed in the new Covid Vaccine. The Illuminati has members in the presidency, the CDC, Big pharma, and everything in between. So, they rush and approve this emergency usage of a new type of mRNA vaccine and not only that, but they mandate everyone do it. They're hellbent at vaccinating all of us, children too. So they basically want a completely controlled docile population incapable of communicating, leaving their homes, seeing faces, plotting and overthrowing the government, or even just socializing and having fun. They want slaves. They want slaves and they want to own the blood in their veins and the neurons in their brain and they also want to control their mRNA and DNA.

The evidence of an overaching authority on this planet is overwhelming. The Illuminati control all major elements working in concert to carry out this insansely fast vaccine mandate for kids to go to school.


What's their endgame? Some say depopulation, or sterilization. I don't lean that way personally. I tend to think I don't know what they're going to do next. I'm having trouble guessing. I've also heard the vaccine leaves the arm and can travel through the whole body so it could go to the brain and alter some things the government wants different in 80% of people.

The problem with thinking that this is a concerted effort because of the deadly nature of this virus is that you're not acknowledging who created the virus and why.

The response to the virus, not the virus itself, but the response to the virus by world governments has been nothing short of earth-shaking. Many of history's greatest moments involved deception. The public is the last to know.

I'll leave you with a song from Will Smith's daughter. Also, if you believe me about the Illuminati Master Plann and don't know what to do, I'd give Jesus a second glance.


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