Gentlemen, welcome to the fantasy football year preview and draft review.

Some hot new names to draft this year like Amon-Ra St.Brown and ... that's pretty much it.

Dkazz's team looks primed for a big season with the luxury of 2 top-flight backs in Dalvin Cook and Alvin Kamara. He's got talent at the WR position with sophomores like Kadarius Toney (that's a good name) and Jaylen Waddle (Man, he's fast).

Tovels had the best QB value in the draft with a falling Joe Burrow on a big-time Bengals offense. Burrow's got weapons that are impossible to get unless you tear your ACL in your first season and get to draft Ja'marr Chase. I'm not surprised they made the super bowl and I'll be surprised if they don't get back there again this year.

I will be saving my rankings this year as for week one rankings and for week two rankings, etc. That way we can see how amazingly accurate and handsome I am. I might be better off as a spectator this year because I usually make a lot of unneccessary moves out of boredom but I'll need to be able to view the league on my phone somehow so I can write these power rankings accurately and have access to all the stats.

Let's get into it.


Team Incompetence - Devin Kazmer

I like the value of Herbert in the 5th and Claypool in the 11th. I think Gabe Davis is gonna be good. Gibson is a great RB3 and he just really has a nice looking squad. Kadarius Toney is a headcase but that doesn't mean he won't ball this year. I'm more concerned with Daniel Jones getting him the ball. Devin got his cuff with a draft day trade for James Robinson with Ernie, and he's got a future hall of famer in Pat Friermuth. But again, can the quarterback get him the ball? Idk. Ranked top because of the RB starters, and no obvious holes on the roster.

QB Justin Herbert

-- Positional Advantage

RB Dalvin Cook

-- got his handcuff too

RB Alvin Kamara

-- small chance at a suspension but our league lawyer says he'll be fine.

WR Jaylen Waddle

-- Love his TD celebration where he waddles

WR Gabriel Davis

-- had some monster games last year.

TE Pat Friermuth

- Future hall of famer imo

WR Kadarius Toney

-- Will start at FLEX once he gets going.

Just an all around solid draft from my best friend. Let's get into the teams I don't like as much.


I thought you said 2 A.M. - Andrew Seif

Seif has some boys on his team this year.

Debo Samuel pretty much sums up the attitude of this team. And I think we all want to see Adams in silver and black getting open for TD's. Derrick Carr isn't Aaron Rodgers but I think he's just good enough for Adams to get his.

Tee Higgins is a beast, and so is Breece Hall. Drew's got the GOAT in Tom Brady and got great value for Clyde Edwards-Elaire this year. Chase Edmonds gives him good RB depth and so does Penny. I think Goedert is Hurts favorite target so that's a nice pick too.

None of us want to admit it because he's so fashionably late and nonchalant with his picks, but Seif is good at drafting and he's good at Fantasy Football, especially Westlake Fantasy Football. Always in the Hunt (Kareem?) No? Okay.

QB Thomas Edward Patrick Brady

- I mean, he'll probably make the super bowl, statistically speaking. He wouldn't have come out of retirement otherwise. I think Julio's still got something left in the tank. Evans is still good and Godwin will be back to form later in the year when it counts. Brady just gets it done.

RB Breece Hall

-- Andrew loves his rookie RB's and I think this one is going to work for him again. Rookie RB's drafted highly typically succeed in fantasy.

RB Chase Edmonds

-- solid value. Miami's gonna have a good offense.

WR Debo Samuel

Wish there were more players like him.

WR Devonte Adams

-- Lost Rodgers, got a new Carr. (still no? ok)

TE Dallas Goedert

-- The $100 dollar man

WR Tee Higgins

-- Watch him high-point the ball with ease. Big strong man with exceptional hands. Love the pick.

Possible RB issues, but looks like another effortlessly solid team again for Seif.


Alpha Dads - Justin Silber

Austin Eckeler scored 20 touchdowns last year. He emphatically proved me wrong, and I think he can keep it up because Herbert isn't slowing down.

Justin managed to snag Patrick freaking Mahomes in the 7th round this year. That is a steal, even without Tyreek Hill. I think MVS is going to be on Sportscenter catching howitzers from Mahomeboy.

QB Patrick Mahomes

-- lost Tyreek, but still a freak.

RB Austin Eckeler

-- shifty player on a great team.

RB Javonte Williams

-- Love this player's upside this year with Russ.

WR Mike Evans

-- Such a beast every year.

WR Allen Robinson

-- I'm not buying the hype this year on a new team with the Rams.

TE Irv Smith Jr

-- nice strategy of going TE last round. I think Irv will do fine.

WR Marquise Brown

-- Interesting trade. I think he'll do great in AZ

I like that this team drafted Michael Thomas but doesn't need him to produce right away. Justin can slot MT in when he starts balling again, and I think he will.


Kittles taste the rainbow - Tim Brennan

Tim's team gets a huge boost from stud running back Nick Chubb and the value of Russell Wilson in Denver. Because the broncos have experience with Peyton Manning saving them I think the Russell Wilson experiment will go just as well. They did lose Tim Patrick to injury though which is unfortunate, but he's still got Sutton and Jeudy.

Cooper Kupp of Coffee is gonna be lights out again, you just can't stop him, and I like the Alan Lazard pick in the middle of the draft. Kittle is a good TE to grab at that spot in the draft too so I think Timmy's set up for his best season yet in the Westlake Fantasy Football League of Legends.

James Connor and Cordarelle Patterson are going to determine how this team does. If they play like last year then Tim's team is good. I think they will kind of, but maybe not. So that puts Timmy at #4.

QB Russell Wilson

Let Russ Cook

RB Nick Chubb

Bo Jackson-esque

RB James Conner

- Can he repeat?

WR Cooper Kupp

-- Unstoppable white man

WR Rashod Bateman

-- Good opportunity this year

TE George Kittle

-- positional edge.

WR Alan Lazard

-- Rodgers is still going to dominate, someone has to catch it. Should be Lazard.

Excited for Tim to make a playoff push this year.


Chase What Matters - Sven Svennefiord (drafted by Max)

Let's face it. Sven's team doesn't have a history of great drafts in this league. He's had some tough luck with injuries and players' off-years, but this year it's all gonna change because he has me pulling for him, and drafting for him.

I think he might even be better than me at managing this team with a hands off approach because I make emotional moves like trading Waddle for Njoku. I think I gave him a solid foundation of players to manage throughout the year.

QB Josh Allen

-- number one ranked, back to back #1 scoring QB

RB Joe Mixon

-- keep him in the damn game

RB David Montgomery

-- didn't grab his cuff unfortunately Timmy stole him.

WR Ja'Marr Chase

-- The perfect last name for a wide reciever, and he's pretty good too! I had to have him this year.

WR Amon-Ra St. Brown

-- Tore up the league late last year, can he stay hot? I get Antonio Brown vibes from him as an undrafted stud. Amon-Ra St. Touchdown!

TE David Njoku

-- Risky pick but he got paid in the offseason and will have Deshaun during the fantasy playoffs and Deshaun makes TE's succeed. Sven, looks like Njokes on you.

RB Kareem Hunt

-- supreme value, TD threat

On the drive home I realized how solid my draft was. I didn't make any head-scratching decisions and I think Allen is going to pay off with the buffalo kicker stack. Sven's gonna be watching Bills games and Bengals games and have a great time. IF he even watches football. You're welcome, Sven. and thank you for letting me draft for you. It was my honor, but I wasn't gonna let you screw up your own team so I kind of just did my own thing.


Sandusky's Soldiers - Chris Kazmer

Chris had another solid draft this year spearheaded by my favorite player this year in Justin Jefferson. I only have Chase ahead of him in my mind.

He's got a standout tight end in Pitts in year two, and he went RB heavy grabbing Jones, Elliot, and AJ Dillon in the first 5 rounds. Cooper was a value and so was Kyler Murray, wow. Might have to move this team up.

I don't like his later picks after Kyler though.

QB Kyler Murray

-- when he runs and he's healthy, it's gold

RB Aaron Jones

-- gonna be a great pass-catcher and runner

RB Ezekiel Elliot

-- I don't think he has it anymore.

WR Justin Jefferson

- Amazing. Fun to watch.

WR Amari Cooper

- I love the Browns but I'm hesitant on Cooper. Once Watson is playing he'll become more valuable.

TE Kyle Pitts

-- Great pick

RB AJ Dillon

-- Goalline TD Threat when Rodgers drives it down the field.
Bench Analysis

Michael Carter

-I'm not sold on Chris's bench, but he's got a solid starting lineup for sure and at least one good WR on his bench.


Commissioner Gordon - Trevor Goodwin

Trevor's team is easy to hate

He's gonna have either the running Trey Lance or the underrated Aaron Rodgers without Adams, and that's gonna be annoying to play against. Then he has CMC which is always a pain in the butt to go against too.

I really love the string of running backs he took late ending with James Cook, the rookie for the bills who I believe will get serious play even though I've never seen the player play; I just like the idea of the Bills getting a pass-catching RB, cause that offense clicks.

I think the downfall of this team is Keenan Allen, whose usually overpriced on draft day. But Diantae Johnson in the back of the fourth more than makes up for that.

QB Aaron Rodgers

- Back to back MVP, smart way to draft a qb

RB Christian McCaffery

- could be a cheat code again. I think Baker will help the offense.

RB JK Dobbins

- Excellent superb value here.

WR Keennan Allen

-at least he has Herbert

WR Diantae Johnson

- Beast

TE Mark Andrews

-- Huge positional edge. I see a great year for Andrews coming again.

WR DK Metcalf

-- Love the Metcalf pick and value.

Trevor may coyly say he's using just the computer and did zero research, but without him we wouldn't even have the league. He knows what he's doing.


Speed Kills - Charlie McMillan

Charlie's team is good but I don't like Jaylen Hurts very much

Tyreek Hill and AJ Brown are both amazing but how will they be with their new teams? Can Michael really rely on Tua and Hurts getting them the ball? The Hurts AJ Brown stack is interesting. I just see a QB who couldn't pass the ball effectively last year, but it's possible AJ Brown will fix that. I doubt it. I took Devonta Smith but I'm not thrilled about the Eagles this year. But they're a competitive team. They need to design under routes for AJ Brown just to get it in his hands. Same with Smith.

Courtland Sutton could finally have the year we all want to see now that Russell Wilson is in town. That will be so fun to watch him go up and get the ball. I think Aiyuk is a steal this year. Not crazy about your QB and TE but Hurts put up numbers last year and so it just might work.

QB Jaylen Hurts

- Good at running but maybe not passing so much

RB Jonathan Taylor

- Pops off the tape as a beast mode type runner.

RB Josh Jacobs

- Solid but uninspiring player

WR Tyreek Hill

-- So good but will Tua be enough?

WR AJ Brown

-- So good but will Hurts be enough?

TE Cole Kmet

-- Experts love him, but it comes down to Fields maturation as a passer and the offensive coordinator.

WR Courtland Sutton

-- Great Player to watch highpoint the ball. Huge QB upgrade with Russ.

I like the Darrel Henderson value. Nice draft overall.


Man on the Mooney - Devon Silber

Tovel's got Joe Burrow just at the right time

Leonard set it and Fournette about it. With Brady at the helm, he'll get those scoring opportunities.

Pittman is set for a big year, but can Matt Ryan still sling it? Atlanta was pitiful last year.

This team screams middle of the pack to me. I don't love or hate any of the players besides loving Joe Burrow. He took Najee very high up, but I don't hate it. I just don't love it either. Damien Harris is a stud but so is Rhamondre behind him. Will be interesting to see if how that plays out. I think this team will need a key waiver acquisition to win the championship.

QB Joe Burrow

-- Cool off the field, Red hot on it.

RB Najee Harris

-- Ball hog. Looks strong.

RB Leonard Fournette

-- Has the job to himself on a high-powered offense. Underrated player.

WR Michael Pittman

-- Prototype of a WR, but I don't love the team.

WR Brandin Cooks

-- mr cheap points and garbage time on a bad team.

TE Dalton Schultz

-- Such a tovels pick. Great value, good player, but not spectacular. Not a ton of upside compared to someone like a Kyle Pitts or George Kittle.

WR Darnell Mooney

-- Fields needs to play better and I believe he will so I like this pick.

This team is par. This is the type of team that you need to be able to beat if you want to make the playoffs. Devon played it safe this year. I don't see a ton of upside or downside. Just par the course. It's 2AM somewhere. I just felt like saying that.


Killing them Swiftly - Michael Mckenna

Michael's team is a sleeper

He's got Swift coming atcha. He's got the trifecta of Diggs, Moore, and Williams. Then he's got the amazing Lamar Jackson and the perplexing Darren Waller. Is Darren Waller a positional edge anymore? He kind of screwed up Chris's team last year, and idk what the deal is with that.

This team went TE and QB early and 3 WR's so he's risking his RB2 spot with the likes of Devin Singletary and Rhamondre Stevenson. I think that can work, but one RB injury and things get dicey quickly. I predict this team is hanging on by a thread. I do love Swift though.

QB Lamar Jackson

- Action Jackson

RB D'andre Swift

- Total Stud and not to mention badass.

RB Rhamondre Stevenson

-- I predict he'll be better than Singletary.

WR Stefon Diggs

-- Stud on a great team with a great QB

WR DJ Moore

-- should be an upgraded QB Situation with Baker and you gotta love the talent and presence of DJ Moore on the field. I see big plays coming.

TE Darren Waller

-- Better than my tight end.

WR Mike Williams

-- Had a great year last year and will most likely repeat with the way Herbert slings it.

I like this team but I think it's flawed unless Rhamondre really balls out and his RB's stay healthy.


The New Guy - Andrew Jung

The last living son of the great psychologist Carl Jung, Andrew is a welcome addition to our league. It's great to have a team to beat up on and make fun of because I have no loyalty to him personally yet. Seems like a really nice guy though! Sorry in advance.

He said he's in it to win it, but I don't believe him. His Dak Prescott pick was questionable but he said he wanted the CeeDee Lamb stack, and I can see that working out.

He's got the beast himself in Derrick Henry, so he's off to a nice start. Cam Akers worries me with Darrell Henderson playing so well last year. Mclaurin needs Wentz to play well, and I don't see that happenning in Washington. Miles Sanders just isn't what fantasy managers want him to be, inspite of his talent on tape.

Thielen is interesting but possibly could be overtaken by KJ Osborn this year idk. He's getting up there in age and he's awfully white. Such a great player though. This team could live and die with Thielen this year, and that's not a place I wanted to be in personally.

QB Dak Prescott

-- Decent stack with CeeDee Lamb

RB Derrick Henry

-- the Yeti

RB Cam Akers

- Good player on a good offense

WR CeeDee Lamb

-- Great fun to watch, no Cooper. I just don't think the Cowboys offense will be there this year as much as people expect. Lots of coverage will go to CeeDee and there's an injured Gallup, no Cooper, and an aging Elliot.

WR Terry Mclaurin

-- Great player but bad team and qb as usual.

TE TJ Hockenson

-- Decent Tight end but not spectacular

WR Adam Thielen.

-- Stud, but is it one year too late for him?

Not the best looking team. I've had better.


Judge Jeudy - Ernie

Ernies team sacrificed to the fantasy gods last year and we all got screwed. Even he admits his luck has to run out at some point, so I'm forecasting him in last place

He's got Stafford with a potential elbow problem, but he'll probably be fine. He's got Kelce without Hill so he'll probably be good too.

Saquon, Etienne, and Mitchell fill out his RB room nicely, but I think Saquon could continue to struggle. I think Mitchell could struggle as a mirage from last year. I think Etienne will actually be a good little player.

QB Matthew Stafford

RB Saquon Barkley

-- Will the real Saquon please stand up?

RB Travis Etienne

-- Looks fast in preseason. Anxious to see him play for real.

WR Jerry Jeudy

-- Russell Wilson will find him open.

WR Elijah Moore

-- Big 2nd half

TE Travis Kelce

-- Will he ever stop dominating? It is decidedly not so.

RB Elijah Mitchell

-- He's a great value, but his lack of draft capital bothers me.

Someone had to be projected for last place, why not the champ!? His best WR is Jerry Jeudy he took in the fourth round. It's an interesting strategy to wait on WR but I'm not sold on Elijah Moore and I think Godwin could take some time to get going. I think Hopkins is of course a stud but he's suspended. Ernie is banking on late season surges from Dhop and the Rod God Chris Godwin but I predict he'll be out of the hunt by then just because it's about damn time he caught a tough break.

This is and you just got your ass analyzed. Now let's have a great season and let the stars fall where they may.

Thanks for reading !